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Where Design Means Business - We Term this Commercial Creativity

We are not simply great website & graphic designers ... oh no. We use our knowledge and experience of online marketing, business development and consumer psychology to create online solutions that attract potential customers and covert them into paying ones!

Most web companies can come up with some pretty cool designs, but if it is not based upon a special blend of proven and innovative strategies, it will simply be an online poster which delivers no benefit to your business. A well thought out scope which brings together the goals of the business and the consumer behaviour characteristics of the target market ensures a website that encourages positive consumer responses, be that sales, inquiries, brand awareness or extending into new markets.

Of course your website has to look cool. But user experience and ease of use must be balanced with design aspects. We call this commercial creativity ... where design means business.

about_imageFinally, a website design and online marketing company that listens and understands ... not just to you and your business, but your customers and how they process information and make purchase decisions. We don't focus on design, we focus on results ... design is the path that leads us to success. The key measure is conversion - turning website visitors and potential customers into actual paying ones. This is what you want after all, isn't it?


Website Design

Websites that "wow" are websites that succeed. This "wow" factor can come in many shapes and forms, being measured by how it resonates with the needs and demands of your customer base. Whether your business requires a portfolio, commercial or full ecommerce website, we work to understand your business and customer base. Utilising the latest in HTML5 and responsive coding, we design your website to connect with customers, provide the level of functionality and interactivity to convert visitors, while ensuring that ease of use and navigation provides an elite user experience.

App Development

We design stunning mobile applications for IOS, Android, Windows and Blackberry devices. We know ... impressive eh? From commercial applications to be downloaded from the Itunes and Android marketplace to specific business solutions for health and safety, staff training, tourism marketing and business information management, we can do the lot.Utilising modern technologies to engage with current and potential customers has never been utilised better than mobile applications. Giving users and customers the control to access information and content when and where they require it has changed the nature of consumer/business relations. And no, we're not talking about Angry Birds!

Search Engine Marketing

There is no point having the most amazing website if it isn’t being found by the search engine monster. If your not found on Google, you simply don't exist in this world where the modern consumer simply uses Google to find out information. Our experience in search engine marketing and implementing effective organic SEO, adwords and link building campaigns will have your business ranking & fighting for customers amongst the big guns in no time.There is no mystery in how to raise your online presence in search engines. Google are very open about what they require in a website - original and fresh content, optimised content with keywords and inbound links, integration with social media and legitimate links. Its just that some companies are better at doing it than others ...

Web Optimisation

For a website to be an effective businesses tool, in terms of both attracting high levels of qualified traffic to the website as well converting those visits into actual sales, the website must be optimised. Ensuring that the website is easy to use, content easily found, products and services are prominent, as well as making purchases or inquries as simple as possible is as as important as making the first steps to getting a company website. Do you want a website that works and brings in revenue for the business or simply a pretty picture?Our experience in making websites perform will make a difference to your business. With a through review of technical coding, performance, user experience, pathways to action, user navigation and conversion analysis, we can guarantee you to deliver better results from your existing site and online marketing strategies.

Content Writing

Who likes read bad text? Unfortunately, not many, if any. Not only is well written content essential to create the perception of trust and credibility, but it must be optimised to appeal to the search engines. Making this balance is, for many, a difficult proposition ... but not for us!Content must back up the design by capturing and retaining the attention of the target audience. Why go to all the effort of attracting people to visit your website only to deliver mediocre content? Many people have great ideas, but few can transfer these ideas to paper ... luckily that we have those few then isn't it? We will turn your words into content masterpieces that intrigue your audience and deliver emotive content that tantalizes their natural desire to say yes, yes, yes!

Social Media Marketing

We don't confuse, baffle or flabbergast. What we do is use our wealth of experience and knowledge in social media marketing and and simplify the process. We all understand that having an effective social media presence is essential for ongoing business success. What you don’t need is someone confusing the situation with inexperience or rattling out endless social media sites that you must be on.What you need is a team of professionals who walk you through the process and develop strategies for the key social media sites that will best target and engage with your customers. That’s what we do – nice to meet you, we’re KustomEyes ... making complex stuff simple

Online Strategy

Riding shotgun is no way to navigate the online environment, Without strategy, there is no direction. And with no direction, it is easy to get lost. Online strategy involves developing action and time based plans that focus on deliverables. No airy fairy stuff here, just good planning, goal setting, evaluation methods and evolving concepts.Using online marketing to drive sales IS the business. Done right, this relatively inexpensive but essential way of communicating with your customers reaches way past your existing client base. The key question is where is the critical mass of customers today. The answer is online. Lets begin.

Free Webiste Audit

Our free, no-obligation website audit will help you unlock the potential of your website. Identifying ways to improve the websites performance in terms of search engines, online visibility, visitor numbers and conversion rates, we will get your online sales force humming with the sounds of ching ching. A full review of your current website including design, user experience, usability, conversion rates and search engine performance will provide you with a report with solid and proven ways to increase your business awareness and meet company objectives online.Utilising our many years of experience in what works and what does not, we can highlight key ways to improve your business online; and quickly. Put it this way, what do you have to lose ... and what to gain?

Facebook Apps

Over the past year, KustomEyes has been building a range of Facebook Apps for campaigns that have helped our clients spread the word and gain more exposure for their businesses and websites. The key to successful Social Media marketing is to communicate and engage with quality followers that are interested in your brand, services and business. If they are not interested, we'll make it interesting ... easy.From competitions that involve voting, photo and video uploads and advanced sharing functionality to group offers, fan only deals and special offers for vouchers and downloads, our Facebook apps have been able to create hype around the business and brand, encouraging viral interest and engaging with current and potential customers. Do you want to get noticed?



Search Engine



Social Media


Free Website



Some of Our Clients & Work

Our work says a lot about us. We pride ourselves on delivering exceptional results.

We let our work do the talking and the results we deliver be our testimonials. Enough said then.
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How we do what we do. A conundrum of excellence

We are a boutique website design and online marketing agency trusted to deliver exceptional results. We don't work for, we work with ...

We have a specific process to work through to ensure the project is fully scoped and all expectations are laid on the table. The all we have to do is exceed them.

    We work closely with clients to understand their business – and their key challenges in order to deliver valuable content to visitors.

  • PLAN

    We thoroughly work to understand business goals & objectives, site requirements, information architecture evaluation, flow-charting exercises and wireframe iterations.


    We leverage our creativity to create a visually arresting site that focuses on engaging the visitor, providing creative direction, interface design and graphical production services


    We hatch the best solutions, customizing each site’s structure, messaging and functionality to meet client needs, utilising the latest HTML coding which is responsive in design and automatically adapts for all mobile devices


    We thoroughly troubleshoot and tweak, removing browser inconsistencies to ensure an exceptional user experience any platform, including cross browser platform testing and content management debugging.


We have a dedicated team of online specialists ... say hello

Our results are only as good as our staff. This is why this close knit team work together to combine experiences and skills to make magic happen

Steve Wilson

With a passion for making business succeed, Steve has over 10 years experience in online and social marketing.  He holds a Masters Degree in Applied Sciences specialising in online marketing and consumer decision making.  Assisting business in numerous consultancy roles, Steve has a focus on combining traditional and modern marketing tools and communication mediums. Knowing strategy and structure are the bones to success, Steve brings calm into the chaos of creativity.

Paul Riddout

Commercial Manager
Keeping the business side of SpecialEyes running like a well oiled machine, Paul is the man behind numbers, figures and campaign measurement.  He makes sure we are performing at our absolute best…. for our clients.  Working in over 30 countries as a tourism consultant for both private contractors and United Nations projects, Paul takes SpecialEyes to the next level with his wide range of experience and skills.

Sarah Paul

Operations Manager
Sarah is the glue that keeps everything together, she makes sure our clients are happy, campaigns are managed and projects run smoothly.  With a Diploma in Creative Technology and a strong business and management background she understands the inner working of both sides of the coin.  With a cool head and calm personality there isn’t much that frazzles Sarah, well other than birds and butterflies….

Fiona Orr

Sales & Marketing
Fiona brings the bubbles to work every day!  Luckily for our clients it’s not of the champers variety, it’s her effervescent personality.  She not only builds business relationships with SpecialEyes clients, she builds friendships.  With a passion for customer service in her sales and marketing role, Fiona keeps the team on the tips of their toes.

Alex Cotton

Senior Web/App Developer
By the end of the day all we hear Alex saying is Bizzzzzzzzz beep blip eeeeeeeeee….. our Code King is an HTML5 and CSS3 genius.  We may not understand him, but we do understand the results he produces by bringing the creative visions to life in websites and custom Facebook and mobile apps.  Working between a variety of technologies Alex’s creations outperform across all desktop and mobile devices.  Alex is the missing link between vision and reality.

Natasha Downes

Graphic Designer
Natasha’s fresh and creative approach to projects challenges traditional ideas and creative concepts.  With a Diploma in Creative Technology her understanding of the fusion between the creative and technological worlds is invaluable to the SpecialEyes team.  Not shy of a tipple or two, she brings the vibrancy much needed to produce a creative environment.

Grace Baker

Social Media & SEO
They always say behind a good man there is a brilliant woman.  Well in a world where content is King, this Queen makes the King look great!  When there’s a story to be told, Grace brings that story to life.  Her ability to write in numerous styles and formats to suit the client, communication medium, purpose and audience, she captures the essence of the story and connects with the market.  An absolute passion for everything social means that your campaigns are managed to the highest level 24/7…. Proudly sponsored by energy drinks.

Ryan Sanders

In his consultancy role, Ryan’s focus is on high level business and communications strategy.  He is an award winning tourism entrepreneur that brings the level of practicality needed to make sure great ideas actually work in the real world.


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